Les Ptipotos Mom-baby collection features 2 enchanting themes:

Each animals come with a variety of Colors and Sizes. Explore more in our catalogue.

– Tested safe, recommended age: from birth –


Mom-Baby Collection

Double the joy with our Mom-Baby Collection plush. Each set features an endearing plush mom and her adorable mini plush baby. Delight in the uniqueness of the 2-in-1 design, with the baby snugly nestle within the mom.

Recycled Material

Introducing the eco-conscious plush toy series, where sustainability meets cuddly companionship! Crafted with care and dedication, each adorable member of the plush collection is more than just a toy – it’s a statement of the commitment to the planet.

Budget Friendly

With our budget-friendly retail pricing, family can bring home the joy of cuddly, huggable plush toys without compromising on quality. Affordable, delightful, and crafted with care.

Special Pocket

Most of our plush toys feature a special pocket that add an extra element of fun and utility. The pocket does not only lovingly store the baby companion, but they also double as a storage spot for cherished bracelets, or tiny keepsakes.

Machine Washable

Les Ptipotos is designed with convenience in mind. All the plush toys are machine washable in cold/warm water, making it easy for parents to keep them clean and ready for endless cuddles.

Trendy and Quality Collections

Unique and trendy, Les Ptipotos stands out for their famous corduroy, offering a stylish edge and a comforting touch. This materials guarantees plushness, ensuring soft cuddles for babies and youngsters.

SEA Collection

Sea Turtle
(Mom & Baby)
Manta Ray
(Mom & Baby)
(Mom & Baby)
(Mom & Baby)
(Mom & Baby)
(Mom & Baby)
(Mom & Baby)

EARTH Collection

(Mom & Baby)
(Mom & Baby)
(Mom & Baby)
(Mom & Baby)