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The brands we work with

Guzzie and Guss is a Canadian baby gear brand that creates strollers and highchairs that are perfect for urban living and active lifestyles. Their products are made with high-quality materials that are newborn-friendly, durable and lightweight.

Cloud b is the world’s leading manufacturer of baby toys and night lights that help children sleep safely and soundly through all stages of development. The famous Cloud b Tranquil Turtle, Twilight Trutle, and Turtle Night Light help children establish a healthy sleep routine that lead to a happy, healthier family.

When three Norwegian dads decided to make a product, they made sure it’s fun, easy, and safe to use! A TIME magazine best invention, the MiniMeis gives your child a perfect view of the world from the safety of your shoulders. 

Little Big Friends is a French brand that offers a variety of soft baby toys, including musical toys, that make the cutest companions throughout a child’s growth. Their musical animal toys and tiny animals entertain babies during the day and soothe them to sleep at night. The newest additions to the Little Big Friends family — the dooballs, pull along toys, and educational balls — are the perfect travel companions.

Everyday Baby is a Swedish brand that helps parents worldwide to better protect their children against harmful substances and physical harm. They do this through providing families with safe and innovative products, such as baby bottles and feeding items.

A New Alphabet for Humanity is a parenting book for raising kind, confident, and caring kids. The author is based in Vancouver and is very passionate in helping parents empower their children through positive words.

Baby to Love is committed to create innovative and well-designed products. We focus on the child’s every moment, from mealtime to sleepytime and everything in between. Our smart solutions are developed in France by a passionate team dedicated to ensuring quality and safe baby essentials and provide parents with peace of mind.

Kidco is a trusted brand known for its childproofing solutions, baby gates, and baby care accessories. With a focus on safety, functionality, and innovation, Kidco offers high-quality products that provide parents with peace of mind. From securing homes to creating safe spaces, Kidco helps parents create a nurturing environment while keeping their little ones protected.

BabyTrend is an American brand that provides quality, comfort, and style through its wide range of baby products like baby strollers, car seats, and activity centers. Their products are safe and reliable, as well as affordable.

The Minimonkey Mini Sling Baby Carrier is made in Amsterdam and is a staple for busy, active, and practical parents thanks to its comfort and versatility. The Mini Sling’s simple design makes it easy to wear and holds babies while parents perform their daily tasks.

Forty Winks is America’s leading bed, mattress, and bedding manufacturer that creates waterproof mattress protectors and crib covers that safeguard babies when they are most vulnerable.

Nikidom is a Spanish brand that creates a portable booster seat for parents on-the-go — the Flat-Pack Booster. It’s the only booster seat that fits in a diaper bag without sacrificing safety or comfort.

Hugimals are lovable, weighted stuffed animals designed for kids and adults, which “hug you back” to lower stress levels, boost calmness, and aid with sleep. Unlike traditional stuffed animals, Hugimals weight is distributed evenly throughout their body and limbs. This means that when you hold and cuddle with a Hugimal, you’ll feel like you’re receiving a full-body hug, which can be incredibly comforting and soothing.

Tasty Tie is a brand created by a mom. She wanted a fashion accessory that was also a teether but couldn’t find anything, especially for baby boys. As a result, she decided to design a 3-in-1 clip-on baby tie, crinkle toy, and silicone teether. When clipped, it prevents dropping and allows babies to soothe themselves, making it an excellent car companion.