My First Dream Box

My first dream box

Cloud.b is thrilled to announce the launch of CloudBox™, the unique storyteller which combines sounds and light projections!

CloudBox™ can be enjoyed by children aged 0-8 and comes with an illustrated storybook.

Key Highlights

CloudBox™  includes immersive stories combining sounds and light projections!  

• Immersive storytelling with 36 original stories featuring 9 different characters

• Synchronized light projections create a visual experience like no other product on the market 

• Soothing melodies and white noises create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere for babies and children 

• Recording function adds a personal touch to the storytelling experience

• Headphone plug for a totally immersive audio experience (headphones not included)

• Stories in 2 languages (English / Spanish)

The Characters

CloudBox™ narrates 36 fun stories based around 9 characters with very different personalities. Elliot the funny Elephant, Drake the courageous Dragon, Emma the adventurous little girl – and lots of other characters – venture into 4 luminous universes (Forest, Ocean, Space, Village) to learn about sharing, discovery and most of all… friendship.


36 Stories
8 Nature Sounds
8 Melodies

Content details

  • 36 audio stories are available for listening
  • 4 universes (Ocean, Forest, Space, and Village)
  • 9 characters with very different personalities.

8 white noise sounds from nature are available for listening:

  • Jungle Day,
  • Brook,
  • Heartbeat,
  • Rain,
  • Whale,
  • Dolphin,
  • Train,
  • Soft Shush

The CloudBox plays 8 soothing melodies:

  • Jungle melody,
  • Classical lullaby,
  • Spacey Jazz,
  • Clair de Lune,
  • Hawaiian melody,
  • Dolphin dream,
  • Fairy dance, Rain ballet
  • To add your personal touch, 8 custom recordings can be created to record your own stories for your baby

4 Universes - 4 light projections

The light projections change with each story, creating a visual spectacle that brings the narrative to life!

The Story Book

The illustrated book features the characters’ adventures written in two languages

2 Languages
No EM Waves
Headphone Plug